17 diapers
The baby gurgled happily kicking his feet as Spock gagged from the smell as he wrapped the soiled cloth diaper and handed it over to Bones who chuckled. "oh come on Spock, your sniffer isn't as strong as a female Vulcans and it was just pee." slapping a clean one in the Vulcan's waiting hand "wait until he starts eating solid foods then you'll definitely will need a gas mask."

winged willy
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walking sourwolf


Writer's Block: Career paths
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

spones drabble 19

Coma – Spock Prime told them the cure for Xenopolycythemia would be a painful ordeal, it was suppose to help… not put their best CMO in a coma.    

Gone  – Spock slowly removed himself from the Doctor’s mind, his fingertips gently brushing McCoy’s cheek as he broke the meld.  

“Spock?” whispered Kirk as he placed his hand on the Vulcan’s back. The low lights of the room cast the First Officer’s face in shadows.

“Jim…” Spock tighten his fist in the sheets by Leonard’s hand, “he’s gone.”   

Stone  – The small stone that Spock placed in his hand was a deep red with bits of green scattered across its polished surface.

“You know if we were penguins this would be considered a proposal.” Smiled Bones, lightly tossing the stone up in the air.

“ In a way, it’s a Tel-tor stone, back before Surak’s teachings one would give this to their chosen.” Spock watched as the stone fell back into McCoy’s palm. “If he or she did not want to bond with the other they would drop the stone and walk away.”

“What if they wanted to bond, what would they do?”   

The Vulcan gently curled Leonard’s fingers over the stone. 

tel-tor means to bond
my brain went blank midway

spones drabble 18

McCoy, Author's Choice - Collard Greens  

“Here ya go,” said Leonard placing a steaming plate in front of Spock, “this will put meat on those bones of yours. Mashed potatoes, fried okra, collard greens, and skillet baked cornbread with a side of grits with butter. Oh and a sweet potato pie for dessert.”

“You make the best collard greens daddy.” Said Joanna through a mouth full of greens, “try it Mr. Spock they’re really good.”   


Sorry it’s only one, but my muse is being stubborn  >:(  maybe next time it will be longer

stop the bullying
my class did a film about bullying, take a look

blue eyed bones

i wanted to see how karl urban looked with deep blue eyes  ^_^ even sexier
found an image of him and just colored his eyes in photoshop


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